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WLALA-Sponsored Resolution Signed into Law

Have you ever thought, “this law should be changed or amended,” or “it should not exist at all?”

Have you ever thought, “this law should be changed or amended,” or “it should not exist at all?” Have you ever thought “there ought to be a law about this” but when you researched the appropriate legal authorities, you found no law existed that addressed the topic you researched? Do you enjoy debating policy and the law as well as meeting interesting people from across the state? WLALA’s delegation to the Conference of California Bar Associations had an opportunity to participate in all of these activities and more at the state-wide Conference of California Bar Associations (“CCBA” or “Conference”) two weeks ago and had a lot of fun in the process.

The CCBA is a group of attorneys from local, specialty, and minority bar associations across the state, that are focused on improving California’s laws. This year, CCBA met during the same weekend the State Bar Convention was held in San Jose. During the Conference, the various bar associations debated revisions and amendments to California law called “resolutions,” including a resolution proposed by WLALA to amend the California Rules of Court Rule 3.1345 to require an electronic exchange of separate statements in support of motions to compel further responses to discovery. Once a resolution is passed by the Conference, as WLALA’s resolution was, CCBA’s lobbyist takes the resolution to the State Legislature or California Judicial Council to find a sponsor and hopefully get the resolution passed into law. The success rate of the CCBA lobbyist, Larry Doyle, has been impressive with many of the last few year’s resolutions enacted into law.  READ MORE

Mary McKelvey receives token of recognition on behalf of WLALA for WLALA-sponsored resolution recently signed into law.